Wednesday, August 3, 2016

girly day out

Kuzu guys, It's wednesday and I got a new post like always! I have waited for my tassel heels to arrive and it finally did. Couldn't wait any much longer to blog on it. So here I go flaunting my new tassel heels from aliexpress. It's pretty good for the price I must say and totally thinking of getting tassel black from Zara (still waiting for it to restock though..sigh). I matched this red with baby pink plus white horizontally printed off shoulder dress (It has got that unique twist around its collar which I love the most about this dress) and my Gucci bag. I felt all the three colors pretty much makes up a good outfit combo for me, what do you think?  One particular thing about this off shoulder dress apart from its unique collar is it's very light and fits/sits well when worn, it has even got two reasonable sized pockets...! making the whole dress even more cute (and useful I guess hahaha...) and best part doesn't stick nor its boxy! So Nailed it! (wink*) This is it I guess, have a good day! Cheers!! xoxo
What I'm wearing:
Dress:* Bkk store
Tassel Heel*Aliexpress 

Be thankful everyday! Cheers!

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