Friday, August 19, 2016

inside out in black and white

Kuzu guys, I know I disappeared from blogging world for way too long! I just needed some time to settle down and get things done around my professional life and personal stuff happening. I just wanna get focused into doing the things I love and not get distracted with things happening in life. And one thing that's keeping me busy is my closet! Yup! I'm getting a new walk-in-closet soon and I have been brainstorming like a mad woman for a perfect one. I drew like crazy designs over and over again..and trust me the interior designer is pretty much getting tired of my never ending ideas..lolz (I shall do a short room and closet tour soon I'm done with it..yey!) So coming to my outfit of the day! Besides off shoulder fever that I have been having for months, now I'm getting into wearing bustier outside...I like how I can get creative with tops over anything. And lately slip dresses over shirts are hitting the streets. Every blogger seem to test out the trend and I just became one of those slaves to that idea. Well thanks for dropping by and cheers!! xoxo

I dyed my hair to something darker than my usual taste. (smiles*)
What I'm wearing:
Cropped top bustier:* Local store
White Offshouler:* Sister's gift(bebe)
Fringed Pant:* Bkk store
Money can't buy happiness. Always be humble. Cheers!

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