Monday, October 17, 2016

slip on dress

Kuzu guys, this post was due to make it on blog for a long time, weather is getting colder before that let me just flaunt my final airy outfit for hot part of the day..that's gotta be afternoons. So, today I'm slaving on slip on dress! well considering that 99percent of my viewers are female (girl power!); you can totally make it out that the slip-on dress here is totally a cami dress. I'm in love with the silky slip on dress trend that's happening everywhere in fashion world. It works day and night and every season! like hello!? haha..  I have never in my wildest dream thought I would be wearing a night slip dress during outings..haha!! So here I go trying to flaunt as perfect as I can, besides the choker that I'm wearing here is a DIYed one (I have been DIYing chokers lately and it's been keeping me pretty occupied in my off days...will be wearing them in my upcoming posts.) Well yea! I hope you guys like this outfit ensemble I did and let me know what you think about wearing cami dress for outings? Cheers!! xoxo
What I'm wearing:
Slip on dress:*Pinkstore
Off shoulder top:*Bkk store
Thank you one and all for still checking out my stuff..I know I get really occupied at times but bear with me I'll always keep doing it :)

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