Saturday, September 3, 2016

a little bit of sophistication

Hi guys, how's your weekend? I have been meaning to post this outfit for a long time, I try my best to make my blogging consistent but there's always something that comes along my plan haha..hope you guys will understand as I'm not a full time blogger. I just wana finish posting all my pending post that I have in my draft, so that I can carry on with Vlogging and make things blend well between by blog and vlog. And I wanna say thank you for supporting my new Vlog that I have started (if you  haven't seen it yet please do check it and let me know what you think watch here) and hopefully you guys will keep supporting me. I'm planning on doing more videos and if you have any suggestions please let me know... I'm always open to suggestions. I will be uploading more on my DIYs soon and apart from that my travel vlogs will be coming too. Hope you guys will enjoy and subscribe. Thank you.
Here I'm wearing very basic colors and it's pretty sophisticated style. This picture was taken when I had my long brownish hair and the fringe is a wig, I love playing with wig but trying on wigs has always been a challenge for me (to flaunt it perfectly haha.) Anyways I hope you guys like my pick of the day! 
What I'm wearing:
Top: *Bebe
Pant: *Nepal
Heel: *Zara
Earrings:* Pinkpsy

Everything takes time...

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