Saturday, September 24, 2016

bubble and mule

Hi guys, today I decided to do a comfy outfit of the day! I know my consistency has been pretty much broken and I'm totally to be blamed! (sigh!) I have been really occupied with my job and its been really keeping me worked out and exhausted (and all I feel like doing is just REST.)  Well, at least I will try keeping a post a week and Yes! I'm still working on my vlog as promised but I'm so due the date...I will make sure its worth the wait. thank you for holding up on me. Coming to my outfit, I bought this bubble sleeved top on my last visit to bkk (recently) and I find it really cute. I paired it up with my parallel legged pants and charleskeith mule! Hope you guys enjoy my new ensemble I did today and I shall be back with more coming week. Thank you for dropping by and Cheers!
What I'm wearing:
Top:*Bkk local store
Mule shoe:*Charlesandkeith

Someone told me I should always start with positive thoughts.. Cheers!

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