Saturday, September 17, 2016

comfort with style

 Hi guys, I disappeared again. I'm so guilty of this(sigh~)I have been going through so many personal and professional stuff happening around, just wanted things to get settled for awhile. Hope you guys understand. Today I decided to blog on two of my new favorites. Firstly the chocolate brown bag from charles and keith that I recently purchased, it's been by far my new fav and go to bag almost every outings. And secondly these babouche shoes! I have been noticing babouche shoes a lot with many trend setter, at my first glance I have to be honest I wasn't quite sure about it, But I decided to get one anyways. Well, to my surprise I find it very cute now and I bought another pair too (haha..) and keep looking forward for more. Well hope you guys enjoy this very comfortable outfit ensemble.
Thank you and have a great weekend.

 What I'm wearing:
Pant:*Bkk local store
Good things take time and I have just realized it lately ^_^ Cheers!

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