Wednesday, September 7, 2016

End of summer

Kuzu guys, I decided to blog on this outfit I'm currently wearing. I DIYed this patches on my jean from goechoe tego pieces I had. This Autumn trend alerts are jeans with patches or some embroideries, So I just decided to give some creative touch to my jean (wink*) let me know what you guys think? (smiles). I know it has been long since I last posted a DIY, I hope to finish filming my DIY that I'm currently working on and be active on my new Vlog channel (so please do support and subscribe my youtube channel 'cuz I will be active there soon.) The fact the I'm not a full time blogger.. I always end up behind my planned schedules...So I'm hopeful that you guys will bear the wait. Anyhow, here I'm wearing my very everyday go-to kinda outfit and it's very easy combo and I just love easy everyday wears. Hope you guys enjoy this.. thanks! Cheers!
What I'm wearing:
Oversized Sweater: *HnM
Jean: *Bkk store
Belt: *Bri Bri
Mule Heels: *HnM
Good things starts every day, you just have to give a clear look. Cheers!

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