Monday, October 31, 2016

offshoulder sweater

Hi guys, new post again! It's getting cold and colder! yet I can't get over off-shoulder tops, I decided to DIY this off shoulder sweater from my pullover knitwear. It didn't take much time to my surprise and I decided to give a small lace details at the sleeves (Just loving laces lately..). Hope you guy like this ensemble I did today; with that I'm wearing one of my favorite thigh high boots, I find them very versatile and comfortable. I'm getting more thigh high boots (winks*). Oh my! winters in Bhutan is like crazy, all we think about is keeping ourselves warm...haha..I hope to bring better ensemble of winter outfits to you; I just love how I can style basics together and yet look chic. Well, have a great day everyone. Keep warm!
Cheers! xoxo

What I'm wearing:
Off shoulder sweater: DIYed
It's all about treating me right..that's all that count! Cheers!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hello Chills

Hi guys, cold is finally here (do you feel it? yup!!!) and it's time to flaunt those knits, jackets and thigh high boots!  Today I decided to blog on few of my favorites. Here I'm wearing embroidery bomber jacket (it's very colorful), this jacket has been my recent favorite and I can totally pair it up with basic plain outfit to give my whole look a catchy dare! (totally agreeable right?) Basically my whole outfit is all black here, I'm wearing high neck to keep my upper body warm; a midi-skirt from HnM and a thigh high boot to keep my legs warm. Like I would always mention it's not always important to cover up yourself fully (ninja..haha) to keep yourself warm, in fact you can just as well be warm by just keeping certain parts the main parts are head, neck, back, and feet ^_^  I personally always follow this to  keep myself warm in such cold weather and it has always helped..(so wear those mini dress/skirts if you like but just remember what to keep warm to compensate it). Ok, and oh I know I haven't been able to post any vlogs (sad..); my cameraperson is not available lately and it's becoming a challenge for me to to do everything myself so please bear with me this month. And talking about this month, Halloween is right around the corner!! have you guys decided what to be!? I'm so late to order any costumes (the fact that it takes at least two weeks to get anything shipped to Bhutan sigh..); seems like I gotta make my own costumes again like always (haha..) hopefully I will finish on time and see you guys during Halloween!! yey!!
thanks for dropping by and hopefully you guys enjoyed this outfit ensemble!
 Cheers!! muah!!!

 What I'm wearing:
Bomber Jacket:*Bkk
High Neck:*Uniqlo
Midi Skirt:*HnM
Thigh High Boots:*Forever21
Don't let anyone change you, just be yourself and let it shine ^_^ Cheers!

Monday, October 17, 2016

slip on dress

Kuzu guys, this post was due to make it on blog for a long time, weather is getting colder before that let me just flaunt my final airy outfit for hot part of the day..that's gotta be afternoons. So, today I'm slaving on slip on dress! well considering that 99percent of my viewers are female (girl power!); you can totally make it out that the slip-on dress here is totally a cami dress. I'm in love with the silky slip on dress trend that's happening everywhere in fashion world. It works day and night and every season! like hello!? haha..  I have never in my wildest dream thought I would be wearing a night slip dress during outings..haha!! So here I go trying to flaunt as perfect as I can, besides the choker that I'm wearing here is a DIYed one (I have been DIYing chokers lately and it's been keeping me pretty occupied in my off days...will be wearing them in my upcoming posts.) Well yea! I hope you guys like this outfit ensemble I did and let me know what you think about wearing cami dress for outings? Cheers!! xoxo
What I'm wearing:
Slip on dress:*Pinkstore
Off shoulder top:*Bkk store
Thank you one and all for still checking out my stuff..I know I get really occupied at times but bear with me I'll always keep doing it :)

Friday, October 7, 2016

DIY Mathra Bell Sleeves

Hi guys, its been long again, I hope this post makes up for those void contents. Besides, it's festival time this coming week and I'm pretty much sure everyone in Thimphu must be getting their best and beautiful wears ready for the Tsechu. How I wish to be there, (feeling hopeful) Have a great time Thimphu people!! Today I'm wearing something I made, I have noticed bell sleeves are so in-trend-now days and it bought me to make this very simple Mathra bell (mixmatch like I always love). I hope you guys find this combo as fun as I thought. Apart from that those slinged shoes are my huge love for this month and I can't get enough! haha.. they are chanel inspired; I bought it from CB local brand in Bkk. So yea! hope you guys love this outfit combo I did today and please bear this bad lighting of my photographs 'cuz lately it's hard to get natural light (it's always gloomy and cloudy). And for the record dad insisted he take my pictures this time so here you go! (lolzz)

 What I'm wearing:
Pant:*Bkk local store
Shoe:*Chanel inspired
Mind changes but the Nature of Mind remains Same! Cheers!