Friday, October 7, 2016

DIY Mathra Bell Sleeves

Hi guys, its been long again, I hope this post makes up for those void contents. Besides, it's festival time this coming week and I'm pretty much sure everyone in Thimphu must be getting their best and beautiful wears ready for the Tsechu. How I wish to be there, (feeling hopeful) Have a great time Thimphu people!! Today I'm wearing something I made, I have noticed bell sleeves are so in-trend-now days and it bought me to make this very simple Mathra bell (mixmatch like I always love). I hope you guys find this combo as fun as I thought. Apart from that those slinged shoes are my huge love for this month and I can't get enough! haha.. they are chanel inspired; I bought it from CB local brand in Bkk. So yea! hope you guys love this outfit combo I did today and please bear this bad lighting of my photographs 'cuz lately it's hard to get natural light (it's always gloomy and cloudy). And for the record dad insisted he take my pictures this time so here you go! (lolzz)

 What I'm wearing:
Pant:*Bkk local store
Shoe:*Chanel inspired
Mind changes but the Nature of Mind remains Same! Cheers!

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