Monday, October 31, 2016

offshoulder sweater

Hi guys, new post again! It's getting cold and colder! yet I can't get over off-shoulder tops, I decided to DIY this off shoulder sweater from my pullover knitwear. It didn't take much time to my surprise and I decided to give a small lace details at the sleeves (Just loving laces lately..). Hope you guy like this ensemble I did today; with that I'm wearing one of my favorite thigh high boots, I find them very versatile and comfortable. I'm getting more thigh high boots (winks*). Oh my! winters in Bhutan is like crazy, all we think about is keeping ourselves warm...haha..I hope to bring better ensemble of winter outfits to you; I just love how I can style basics together and yet look chic. Well, have a great day everyone. Keep warm!
Cheers! xoxo

What I'm wearing:
Off shoulder sweater: DIYed
It's all about treating me right..that's all that count! Cheers!

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