Saturday, November 26, 2016

DIY flared and cut off shoulder top

Kuzu guys, it's been so long since I last posted. I was suppose post my fall wear that I've last posted on my Instagram but I decided to give a little twist by posting this DIY. I wanted to make something chic yet something that shows of a little bit of shoulders. So, here I go with my new DIY I did with a kira piece I had. I hope you guys like this as much as I do. Making this was quite challenging because I had something in my mind and on my half way of making this I kinda turned it into something little different than I originally planned but I'm super happy how it turned out! haha.. So yea, keep looking forwards for more of my DIYs, I shall be posting them up slowly. Have a great saturday and cheers guys!
 What I'm wearing:
Bomber:*Ralph Lauren
Dorjee Earrings:*Nepal
Heels:*Charlesandkeith (here)

 Fall in love with the SPIRIT, HEART and CHARACTER. Cheers!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

chilly fall

Hi guys, hope your weekend was eventful. It's getting chilly now and I'm literally in my thermals. I decided to do a very comfortable yet versatile outfit ensemble today. Basically keeping myself warm yet maintaining a bit of chic and style. I realized one pros of having wide leg pants is that I can totally wear thermals inside and then it's invisible! haha.. Here I have a combo of my favorite zara jumper and basic high-neck, (not necessary to have all those flashy outfits if you know which basic fits together..)and just to fill that void neckline I used a necklace that I had for a long time (never used it much..); finally the boots! I realized I own plenty of black boots but this one is little different from the rest 'cuz it has got fringes at one side and gives a bit of playful side to the look. So yea! hope you guys enjoyed my pick for my fall/winter collections...more to come ^_^
 What I'm wearing:
Jumpsuit :*Zara
You deserve more ..Cheers!