Sunday, November 6, 2016

chilly fall

Hi guys, hope your weekend was eventful. It's getting chilly now and I'm literally in my thermals. I decided to do a very comfortable yet versatile outfit ensemble today. Basically keeping myself warm yet maintaining a bit of chic and style. I realized one pros of having wide leg pants is that I can totally wear thermals inside and then it's invisible! haha.. Here I have a combo of my favorite zara jumper and basic high-neck, (not necessary to have all those flashy outfits if you know which basic fits together..)and just to fill that void neckline I used a necklace that I had for a long time (never used it much..); finally the boots! I realized I own plenty of black boots but this one is little different from the rest 'cuz it has got fringes at one side and gives a bit of playful side to the look. So yea! hope you guys enjoyed my pick for my fall/winter collections...more to come ^_^
 What I'm wearing:
Jumpsuit :*Zara
You deserve more ..Cheers!

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