Sunday, December 11, 2016

DIY slip-on dress

Hi guys, I'll be out of the country for awhile so I decided to post a small DIY before I leave (add me on snapchat -chyunidsnap- and insta-chyunid- to catch me on my short vacation) and hopefully I'll make a short post on it too. Anyhow, here! I made a simple basic slip on dress with a kira piece I bought, I'm not sure how worth this outfit is but I'm pretty content with the final results. With this I paired with my newly purchased boots (stretched sock boots), loving this boot lately (Kardashians  have totally bought this trend up..not really a fan but I must admit I love their styles.). Well, hope you guys enjoyed this outfit ensemble and I shall do more DIYs after I get back. Have a great christmas.. keep warm! Cheers! XOXO

What I'm wearing:*

Have a great time..cheers!

Monday, December 5, 2016

mom's knitted sweater

Hi guys, I manage to get some time off work and decided to blog this outfit. Cold always make me want to wear knits/sweaters and this time I decided to go with my mom's hand knitted sweater..oh how I wish I could knit like her! (I blogged on a different mom's knitted sweater few years ago too check-here). This sweater is very vibrant and speaks loud volume through it. I love how eye catchy the colors are and with that I decided to dare go with another vibrant colorful Bhutanese handbag. I thought they match up pretty well (what do you think? pretty matchy-matchy?) And of-course I didn't wanted to end up looking like a colorful clown, (haha) so yea I went for black pants and black boots. I love how slick the pants look (which totally avoids the boxy looks) and the whole combo pretty much gives a very warm yet catchy outfit. Hope you guys enjoyed this and do let me know what you guys think..Thanks for dropping by and keep warm. XOXO
What I'm wearing:
Sweater:*Mom hand knitted
*Bkk store
Always be good. Praying for peace. Cheers!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Black and metallic

Hi guys, It's december already!!! I wanted to do more vlog but I haven't been able to get time to get things done perfectly (it's a huge disappointment for me but that doesn't mean I won't be doing it any more..I shall be back with when my time favors me. So for now please do bear with me guys.) So heading back to what I'm wearing!! Paro or Thimphu let's say Bhutan! it's getting really cold now, all I think about is getting myself covered up near bukhari and just eat and sleep haha.. I bet that's basically how we Bhutanese usually spent our cold winters. With that I shall bring you guys my choices for winter outfit picks and how I love to keep the style up and yet be warm the entire time. Here I'm wearing one of my favorite bomber jacket from Zara, it has been my go to winter jackets lately and to my surprise it cost me just $30+ (woohoo! haha); I paired it up with my metallic skirt and basic high top. It gets pretty challenging to wear skirts during winters, you don't want the cold chilly winds to give you freezing point breezes under! right!? I went for skinny leggings. Finally finished the look with a platform high boots (old collection btw) and a Bhutanese yathra purse (a beautiful gift from my dear friend...thank you Rixom..loving it!). Well, check through the pictures and hope you enjoy my outfit ensemble. Keep warm and stylish guys! Cheers!

Collecting more of earmuffs..I find them so cute .
What I'm wearing:
Bomber Jacket:*Zara
Leggings:*Bkk local store
Sometimes just let it go. Cheers!