Friday, December 2, 2016

Black and metallic

Hi guys, It's december already!!! I wanted to do more vlog but I haven't been able to get time to get things done perfectly (it's a huge disappointment for me but that doesn't mean I won't be doing it any more..I shall be back with when my time favors me. So for now please do bear with me guys.) So heading back to what I'm wearing!! Paro or Thimphu let's say Bhutan! it's getting really cold now, all I think about is getting myself covered up near bukhari and just eat and sleep haha.. I bet that's basically how we Bhutanese usually spent our cold winters. With that I shall bring you guys my choices for winter outfit picks and how I love to keep the style up and yet be warm the entire time. Here I'm wearing one of my favorite bomber jacket from Zara, it has been my go to winter jackets lately and to my surprise it cost me just $30+ (woohoo! haha); I paired it up with my metallic skirt and basic high top. It gets pretty challenging to wear skirts during winters, you don't want the cold chilly winds to give you freezing point breezes under! right!? I went for skinny leggings. Finally finished the look with a platform high boots (old collection btw) and a Bhutanese yathra purse (a beautiful gift from my dear friend...thank you Rixom..loving it!). Well, check through the pictures and hope you enjoy my outfit ensemble. Keep warm and stylish guys! Cheers!

Collecting more of earmuffs..I find them so cute .
What I'm wearing:
Bomber Jacket:*Zara
Leggings:*Bkk local store
Sometimes just let it go. Cheers!

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