Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thigh high boots

 Hi stylish people! I finally managed to blog something ( sorry for such a long wait, I have been super occupied with work and it has been one challenging phase for me to manage time around.. so do bear with me...).  Today's post is on something very basic to pull off and I personally find it perfect for winter afternoons. Here I have paired my button up skirt with a high neck top and upgrading the whole look with thigh-high boots (winter feels!). I have been totally loving thigh high boots for this weather and I plan to blog more on thigh high boots in my coming winter posts with how I style them accordingly (excited!). Well, hope you guys enjoyed this simple outfit ensemble I did for today and do follow me up. Have a great week ahead guys and keep warm it's going to get freezing soon!
Thanks for dropping by. (Outfit details are given below as usual)
Cheers :)
 What I'm wearing:
Top: *HnM
Skirt: *HnM
Boots: *Thailand
Velvet outer: *Thailand

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

my vibrant WINTER

Hi guys, thought I should make a post here before I make a new post on my youtube channel (I have been trying to make some fun videos for past few days, I haven't had enough time to execute them fully well since I work 5 days a week... but it should be done pretty soon.. thank you all for the support so far.. if you guys have any suggestion do drop them on the comment below.)  

Today I decided to post something eye-catchy and fresh color for this winter since it's just the beginning of the chills. Here, I didn't quite find it necessary to wear any jackets/coats for the afternoon (it's quite warm and sunny during afternoons here in Paro).  I personally find this look giving a feel of vintage vibe but not fully...haha.. well, anyhow here I've paired a very vibrant color lacy top with my culottes pants giving that waist a nice pinch with my recent favorite GG belt (I always committed myself to divide my figure into elongating my legs by wearing a high-waisted.) Finally finishing my look with a nice sleek cream white color boots!  Yay!
I hope you guy like this ensemble I did and do subscribe to my new channel on youtube. My outfit details are given below as usual.
Cheers! and have a great week ahead ladies.
Links to my last fall lookbook is HERE
 What I'm wearing:
Top: Thailand
Culottes pants: Sister's gift-Singapore
Boots: Aliexpress
Belt: Gucci

Always look forward and remember life is what you make out of it! Cheers!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fall lookbook (Day and Night)

Hi guys, I thought I should update my blog on those looks I did on my youtube channel. If you still haven't checked them (click here to watch)  I have always wanted to keep my youtube channel active but due to my nature of job I have always been super occupied and secondly I was just lazy (honest!) But now I'm trying to get those lazy a** up to work and I shall make more videos and be active on YT. And honestly, I personally think it's more vivid in the videos than in pictures to see the outfits (what do you guys think?). 

Do show me your support on my Youtube channel by subscribing to my channel here -->(@chyunid) for there will be more videos coming up on my channel (I'm new but I'm not bad lolz).  I'm thinking I should post on weekly basis and hopefully I can keep up with that. I really want to start making my DIY projects videos and it excites me so much! I can't wait to show you guys ( do hit me up if you want to see any DIYs of mine..'cuz like always I will be doing Bhutanese textile fusion...). And do drop by your suggestions if you have any to improve my channel and the content of my videos...I'll try my best to bring out the best of me. Thank you for supporting me till date on this blog and I hope you guys will support me on my YT channel as well.
Lots of love and have a great day ahead.
Cheers! xoxo

What I'm wearing:
CLICK here to find out! :)

Saturday, September 30, 2017

my basic autumn staples

 Hi ladies again, since it's autumn already I decided to start getting those pullovers to the fashion game. Pullover dresses are pretty fun to wear, they can totally make me feel cute and very comfy. So here I have paired it up with one of my favorite fall staple i.e BOOTS! well, I have been into this off-white boots for few months now and I just couldn't get enough of it that I decided to buy some more of similar designs but different colors (will be posting them in my autumn-winter collections soon...excited!).
OK! This whole outfit ensemble is all about very easy way out of autumn weather confusion and simply looking stylish but not too pretty nor too punky. This slouchy pullover dress is very easy and relaxed to style, rather than opting for longer boots I decided to go with ankle high boots to make sure I divide my height well or else I'll end up looking stumpy haha (you can totally see this pullover is pretty long and it covers up my knee...and no one likes looking like they've been cut off mid-calf or something you know...haha). And since it's not that cold -chilly COLD- I wouldn't wear thigh high boots yet (lets save it for later eh? haha). Well, I guess this is it for today. Have a great day and always be happy and stylish! xoxo
What I'm wearing:
Pullover:*Basic bkk

Be humble...

Saturday, September 23, 2017

DIY and styling mom jeans

Hi there pretty ladies, how was your Blessed Rainy Day (Thrue bab)? all cleansed ? haha..I love our little Bhutanese believes (following them and doing it makes the entire thing even more special and closer to Buddhism); saying that I wouldn’t call myself a very religious person..lets just say I’m kinda in between..I believe in doing good and I have faith. Like I always say (just my thoughts) if you have not harmed a soul so far then you have pretty much gained that ultimate contentment in your whole existence which is sadly pretty hard to achieve. 
Anyways coming back to the main post here, wearing something fresh besides the weather being pretty much confusing lately (it's said that after Thrue bab the weather starts getting colder, so rushing out my summer top before the chill steps in hehe...) Here I'm wearing my pineapple printed off the shoulder top with my DIYed mom-jean (it was my brother's rejected jean, and I decided to make it to mom jeans style).
I just love the fact that colors plays off pretty well in this whole outfit ensemble, in fact it flatters my skin tone (that's a plus point..haha it has been a habit of mine that whenever I shop I always try to pick clothing colors that can give the most flattering look to my skin tone...and it has always worked out for me ^_^). And lastly for me I can totally say it's one easy-ready to go- outfit! what do you girls think? Hope you guys enjoyed how I styled my DIYed mom jeans. Keep looking forward for more, I have many favorites to blog and I can't wait to share it with you ladies. Till then takecare and stay stylish!

 What I'm wearing:
Jean:*Levis (DIYed)
Belt:*Bribri aliexpress
Mule Heel:*Charleskeith
Somethings are meant to be, you just need to accept and face it.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Skirt over shirt

Hi guys, autumn is here but the heat is pretty much sticking around for these few days it seems; which means I can still wear something heat beating yet again! yay! Here I'm wearing few of my old collections (seriously nothing new except for the heels). I pretty much own quite numbers of clothes and I seem to forget I have certain stuff unless I dig around my closet (to be really honest here haha).. I know it's such a bad habit thing, but there's no girl who have ever said 'I have enough clothes and shoes and bags and so on'! haha.. oh well, I'm so guilty of being a shopaholic! (who else? raise your hands...haha).  OK! Yesterday me and my sister (yes! she has finally got back!) went out for a small sisters day out and we end up going for such long hours of ride to chelela and FYI there's road maintenance happening on the way to chelela (if you're planning to start early...); so on our way back as always took a chance to take some nice pictures of this outfit I wore; if you follow fashion trends you must have seen bloggers/trendsetters wearing skirts over long shirts and I just fell in love with the style. I hope you guys like this outfit ensemble I wore on my day out with sister and my outfit details are given below as always. AND oh! I just changed my blog's header if you've noticed, I'm planning to bring a lot of good changes to my blog but for now this should do. If you guys have any suggestions on how my blog should be improved in any terms do mail/comment (your ideas would really be know 'two heads are always better than one'! thanks..).
cheers! happy weekend!

 A little self customised flamingo bird patch on my top! In love with flamingo stuff lately.  

 What I'm wearing:
Off shoulder shirt dress: *Bkk
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