Sunday, April 9, 2017

FishNet and Jeans

 Hi guys, yet another trend to try, fishnet stockings! Yup! pretty challenging to make it not look too outrageous haha..Hope you guys enjoy this outfit ensemble I did. Besides Paro Tshechu is on full swing lately and it's pretty disheartening to say I couldn't make it yet, I have been working staring 6days to work and I won't be having any off days for another four days (sad..sob sob..) But I hope everyone in Paro are having a great Tshechu time, flaunt those beautiful seychu kiras and ghos. Have a great Tshechu and a great great week ahead..Much love xoxo

What I'm wearing:
Laceup Top:*Bkk local store
Jean: *Sis gift
Be happy and be content! Cheers!

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