Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bell or Flared everywhere

Hi guys, how it is going? I haven't been that prompt with my blog now days, guess that's how life rolls..too many duties here and there and I don't get enough time for blog. I hope you guys are doing well and keeping up with your usual stuff. I have been into many different and new styles lately, and my choices have really changed compared to what or how I used to love it. Besides, its always fun to try something different..what do you say? Well, I have tried doing some DIYs for past few weeks (which I will be posting coming week) and I'm still under process to finish up few. With that few pieces of my own, I hope to bring out something very personal styles (something very close to me) and I really hope you guys will show some love towards it. Thank you for dropping by my blog. I'm planning to change my blog and hopefully I can come up with something better soon (I just need some time...just a reminder that I'm not a full time blogger so it's kinda hard to keep it coming everyday..bear with me guys and thanks to those who have been really supportive and patient with me and my blog..means alot to me.. ) Hope you guys enjoy this outfit ensemble I did yesterday (was suppose to post it yesterday I had some technical issues..). So, if I talk about this whole outfit! well I have always had this 'thing' for bell/flared sleeves and luckily it's been very popular lately. I just wanted to give a oldies look yet something to keep up with the trend! so its basically a mix-match! Hope you guys enjoyed it! take-care and have a great friday tomorrow!
What I'm wearing:
Bell Top:*Bebe
Lace Top:*Bkk local store
Jean:*Nepal old collections
Sock boots:*Aliexpress
Always make a choice keeping your hopes in mind and never make a choice because you're hurt! XOXO

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