Sunday, May 7, 2017

DIY waist corset and fringe pant

Hi guys, today my duty was just half day which gives me ample of time to blog on something I made last few weeks ago and I know I have been really mentioning about it finally I decided to blog on them. It's been kinda long since my last DIYs and finally here's something different I did. Keeping them on-going trends in mind, waist trainer or corset has been so popular lately and I just decided to make one myself. I used mathra kira piece for this (keeping something Bhutanese as always) it kinda turned out pretty okay for me; let me know what you guys think? and I decided to make a bura (rawsilk) pant with fringes. well, honestly...I won't say it came out perfect but I tried my best to fit them together in one outfit ensemble. Hope you guys like my whole idea on using the Bura and it's ray(fringes) for pants and mathra for corset. Do check the pictures for a better view and I hope I did justice to the fashion world (wink*) haha.. Have a great Sunday people!
Thank you for dropping means a lot to me! Be happy always..cheers!
Loving this CharlesandKeith boots, I have been eyeing on it for a long time and finally I was able to get it from Singapore. I have links given below if you like it! Somehow I fear it might be out of stock now. (try your luck)
 What I'm wearing:
Top: *Shoptop (local store)
Waist corset:  *DIYed (self)
Bura Rawsilk Pant:  *DIYed (Self)
High Ankle Boots: *Charlesandkeith

There was a time when someone so close to me looked really down on me and made me feel so unworthy and useless; but Now I realised you chose who makes you feel good or bad. And I'm glad I turned my back on all those negative ones I came across. I just want everyone to know that you all are special and deserve to be loved and be happy! Cheers!

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