Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A twisted style

 Hi guys, decided to blog on something very personal yet not entirely my own creation. I DIYed my old off shoulder top with knot wrap tie (lately lace-up corset is really blooming with fashionistas around and even the knotted ones seems to come I decided to make my own.). I paired it up with my pretty old collection skirt of mine, I don't know why I never tired wearing it before (come to think of it's actually very unique and I've always loved something different with my personal why not eh!? haha...).  So coming to my heels, gosh I love how see through this is; I gotta be honest here I was very skeptic about getting this shoe, something told me it might not be worth it! I was like "it's perspex!" and it might fog up the shoe in few hours of wear. But then again, my shoe monster inside me said I needed to get it! It's now or never! hahaha...(very funny indeed!) I decided to get one with air holes punctured in it, I kinda felt it would help breath my feet at the same time prevent getting fogged up else it would look hideous! And I'm glad I made that choice 'cuz getting fogged up was inevitable without those air holes! (trust me and a note to everyone--these kinda shoes are not for long hour wear..). Hope you guys enjoyed this new post of mine. Do check out the rest and let me know what you guys think! ^_^ Have a great day! XOXO

Top:*DIYed (Not entirely)
Skirt:*DIYed (Not entirely)

Rediscover everything once again and trust me you will see things differently then how you used to! Cheers!

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