Saturday, June 24, 2017

Everything is Better mixed

Hi guys, today finally blogged on this outfit ensemble I wore during Bhutan-Korea 30years friendship cultural exchange super K-pop concert. I wanted to upload this outfit for a long time  but my work got me super occupied (I have been working for 24hours on somedays..gosh becoming a workaholic). I hope you guys enjoy this outfit ensemble and I know K-pop means something to do with looking 'cute' but I wanted to try something different, something that speaks up my own personal-style and choices. So I decided to go with a torn knee jean and a basic slip on, trust me this slip-on changed the entire game on this outfit ensemble. And I paired it up with my recent favorite ankle high boots. I hope you guys enjoyed this! Have a great summer ^_^ cheers! (outfit details given below)
What I'm wearing:

And he said "Always focus on the BRIGHT-SIDE" Cheers!

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