Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fresh hues of Blue

Hi, hope you viewers are having a great summer time. I managed to get some time off work today phew! So I was like I should BLOG! so I wrote this on draft this afternoon..and planned on publishing it later by today..LoLz. So yea! coming back to my post, my styles have always been very versatile and I've never stuck to one; its pretty amazing as I grew older my styles have shifted to one set of cutie to another whole level of sophistication! yet! it doesn’t stop there! the change is inevitable! So my simple rule of thumb ESP. for me is to just go with the flow and wear what I feel the most comfortable in (in that way I never seem to worry about how to carry the outfit.. 'cuz as long as one is comfortable you can totally nail any outfit ensemble) so here is one very summery yet chic outfit I wore for this hot weather! Paro has been dead hot yet showery around afternoon-eve. I just wanted to wear something I can get along the weather yet be cooled down. Here I’m wearing this very light black strip running on white button up skirt with my HnM lace up top, its my one very simple outfit combo so far; I wanted to keep the look little catchy by adding up a little polkadot Janelily purse with a pompom keychain (lighten’s up the whole fresh look even more..) and my new favourite knotted fresh mules. I gotta be honest I so love this knotted mules, they are by far my favourite for this summer. You see, before I got them I was worried about them heels not being comfortable but it just blew me off with the comfort level (like I can totally run in them heels! haha). My outfit details are given below, and you can check rest of my posts as well. (^_^) I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post, I shall keep posting new updates with my surprisingly very random timings (its sad but the truth! ). For the fact that I can’t keep up a perfect consistent time for my blog posts... so yea, I’ll just post up on surprise bases for you all (lolz…keeping it positive!).
Hope you guys enjoyed it and have a great day! 

What I'm wearing:*
Top:* HnM
Skirt:* TEMP Singapore
Knotted Mule:* 2Ndegree
Purse:*JaneLily (Thailand)
By deciding to keep looking forward is one of the best decision I've ever made and I realised that there are so many good things to see and explore around the places and within different people I come across around. I feel so much alive now that I can fully be myself without a notion of someone's approval..Live life like you own it NOT like it owns you! Cheers!

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