Friday, July 28, 2017

Gingham versus my cute graphic strawbag

 Hi guys, back again! Told you I'll be back with another design of basket strawbag (this one is not exactly basket straw ones, its kinda made from raw ropes kinda thing but look at those cute little animal graphics on it... cute eh? ). Summer doesn't always have to be for shorts so here I'm with full pants! it's hard to carry jeans in heat so I was like why not cotton based pants for a change! and it works! I love how fresh this feels especially when one gotta be out in the scorching sun for hours. I matched it up with my old collection gingham top (this print is so in this summer...can't get enough of it..), though it's not really off-shoulder I just decided to style it this way according to the current weather. I hope you guys enjoyed this new ensemble today, I shall keep posting up more as when my magical time permits (LOLz) and my outfit details are given below with the pictures as usual.
Have a great time and enjoy..Be happy always..
 What I'm wearing:*
Top:*Bkk local store
Pant:*Old collection
Bag:*Bkk handmade
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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summer time freshness

Hi guys, finally got a chance to blog again...weathers been playing up lately. Hope everyones doing great and ready to check out my new outfit ensemble. Remember this shorts? If you were my old time follower you'd probably recognise it! click to revisit my old post on this shorts HERE   Well, I thought I should start wearing my shorts again, I still remember the time when I decided to make this short and I literally had to beg one tailor to stitch it up for me 'cuz my machine was pretty much screwed! I can't believe it's been almost four years now (though I've gained some weight now, surprisingly this short still fits me! lol). So coming back to today's ensemble, here I'm wearing something heat beating, like I mentioned before I'm least interest in shorts but when summers can get crazy! one got not much of a choice eh? haha... Anyhow, I matched it up with my laceup top (love the fresh color), and carrying my new basket bag (my aunt gifted me recently) which I kinda twisted up its style by adding up little white DIYed pom poms around to give it a nice summer finish to it. I love basket bags lately, its been one bag that don't really level up to anything so called Brands! haha... you will see me blogging on another design soon (Just might blog next...stay tuned!) Hope you guys enjoyed this outfit ensemble! have a great weekend~ Cheers!

What I'm wearing:*
Top:*Bkk local store
Shoe:*CB Bkk
Basket bag:*Bhutan

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Wrap up dress

Hi there guys, I know I vanished for a week again haha...been super occupied with my work and I got carried away with the whole serious life stuff (Boring! I know!) But anyhow, here I'm with a new post! well, this post was suppose to be up like few days ago but then you know things don't always work the way you always plan on..nevertheless, the post is finally up!! phew! So, today's outfit is all about flaunting my pink wrap up  dress, I have been eyeing on such wrap up dresses for weeks and this dress just quenched my thirst. Just love how comfortable it feels and the slit it makes after the wrap makes it look so flattering. I find wrap-up dress are just perfect for sophisticated parties or some day-night out with girl friends (But I hardly go out sadly, pretty much a workaholic tbh..but hey! one gotta do what's one gotta do! eh?); I love how easy this dress is, I seriously don't have to worry about what to match up with since it's one piece and the length is prefect (nothing too short nor too long) and for the fact that I can totally pair it up with anything so basic! yet I can go for something sassy footwear depending on the occasion. Here, I paired up with my latest favorite off-white boot (I have been slaying all rainy season as it's waterproof! yay!). My outfit details are given below as always and I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit ensemble. Do keep looking forward for more. Thanks for dropping by...Cheers!

 What I'm wearing:*

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Micro Gingham Dress and a Straw tote or wicker basket bag

Hi viewers, today's post is on something trend settlers have been slaying this spring-summer 2017! Gingham patterns and straw bags!  These beauties were seen worn by almost all of them fashionistas and I just love how oldies are coming back. But there's one downside on wearing gingham patterns, as it can get pretty tricky especially with bigger patterns than mine; i.e one totally gotta avoid looking like you have put on a picnic blanket or a table cloth! haha which reminds me...last time I wanted to get myself a gingham wrap up top but my mom kept calling it a table cloth (which totally changed my whole thought if I should really get it!) But ofcuz, this is a trend that if worn in the wrong way can end up in a total fashion disaster so why not be extra careful while choosing an outfit ensemble..right? Well, here I'm wearing my gingham mini doll dress with my playful sleeved white top (its one very simple yet summer heat beating perfect outfit) and a basic flats. Finally finished my  look with a straw bag or wicker basket bag (mom's got quite old few collections ), these bags are huge this spring-summer and surprisingly fashionistas be swapping leather bags with straw bags to complete a look! These bags are not only for picnics anymore haha... I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit ensemble; Stay tuned for more.. thanks for dropping by. (outfit details are given below).

What I'm wearing:*
Gingham dress:*bebe
Strawbag:*Mom's (Bhutanese handmade)
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Monday, July 3, 2017

Wrap up top

Hi guys, hope all my Bhutanese followers managed to make an offering for Guru Rinpochoe's Birth Anniversary today; pray well and lit a butter-lamp. So coming back to my post, I was suppose to post this last friday but I had other plans with family; we went out to Punakha for river rifting and some time away from workload! The experience was amazing (If you haven't tried it yet, just go and give it a go! you will love it esp if you are someone who enjoys thrills or extreme sports kinda stuff. I enjoyed it but I'm more of an old soul so once is enough for me haha..)
Well, today's post is basically summer heat beating outfit! I decided to go with shorts today! Shorts are best piece for the summer; I’m not such fan of shorts to be honest but lets be real! who wants to wear jean pants in them scorching heat! I decided to pair my accidental shorts. YEA! you read it right! ACCIDENTAL!! ‘cuz I accidentally ordered this short with my actual ordered top! -confusing eh? haha.. I know!- I ordered a top online and what I didn’t realise was that it came with a shorts as well (practically I paid extras.. duh!) either way I guess it turned out to be useful this yea… (smile). So here I’m pairing my accidental shorts(lolz) with my long awaited wrap up top! though its just a replica, I’m so in love with the design. So finally paired them up with my another recent favourite pinkish nude block heel from charleskeith..(details of these outfits are given below..)
Thanks for checking out my blog and do come back for more..

What I'm wearing:

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