Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summer time freshness

Hi guys, finally got a chance to blog again...weathers been playing up lately. Hope everyones doing great and ready to check out my new outfit ensemble. Remember this shorts? If you were my old time follower you'd probably recognise it! click to revisit my old post on this shorts HERE   Well, I thought I should start wearing my shorts again, I still remember the time when I decided to make this short and I literally had to beg one tailor to stitch it up for me 'cuz my machine was pretty much screwed! I can't believe it's been almost four years now (though I've gained some weight now, surprisingly this short still fits me! lol). So coming back to today's ensemble, here I'm wearing something heat beating, like I mentioned before I'm least interest in shorts but when summers can get crazy! one got not much of a choice eh? haha... Anyhow, I matched it up with my laceup top (love the fresh color), and carrying my new basket bag (my aunt gifted me recently) which I kinda twisted up its style by adding up little white DIYed pom poms around to give it a nice summer finish to it. I love basket bags lately, its been one bag that don't really level up to anything so called Brands! haha... you will see me blogging on another design soon (Just might blog next...stay tuned!) Hope you guys enjoyed this outfit ensemble! have a great weekend~ Cheers!

What I'm wearing:*
Top:*Bkk local store
Shoe:*CB Bkk
Basket bag:*Bhutan

Actions always speaks louder... always be happy!

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