Monday, July 17, 2017

Wrap up dress

Hi there guys, I know I vanished for a week again haha...been super occupied with my work and I got carried away with the whole serious life stuff (Boring! I know!) But anyhow, here I'm with a new post! well, this post was suppose to be up like few days ago but then you know things don't always work the way you always plan on..nevertheless, the post is finally up!! phew! So, today's outfit is all about flaunting my pink wrap up  dress, I have been eyeing on such wrap up dresses for weeks and this dress just quenched my thirst. Just love how comfortable it feels and the slit it makes after the wrap makes it look so flattering. I find wrap-up dress are just perfect for sophisticated parties or some day-night out with girl friends (But I hardly go out sadly, pretty much a workaholic tbh..but hey! one gotta do what's one gotta do! eh?); I love how easy this dress is, I seriously don't have to worry about what to match up with since it's one piece and the length is prefect (nothing too short nor too long) and for the fact that I can totally pair it up with anything so basic! yet I can go for something sassy footwear depending on the occasion. Here, I paired up with my latest favorite off-white boot (I have been slaying all rainy season as it's waterproof! yay!). My outfit details are given below as always and I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit ensemble. Do keep looking forward for more. Thanks for dropping by...Cheers!

 What I'm wearing:*

You gotta work your way up on your own...

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