Monday, July 3, 2017

Wrap up top

Hi guys, hope all my Bhutanese followers managed to make an offering for Guru Rinpochoe's Birth Anniversary today; pray well and lit a butter-lamp. So coming back to my post, I was suppose to post this last friday but I had other plans with family; we went out to Punakha for river rifting and some time away from workload! The experience was amazing (If you haven't tried it yet, just go and give it a go! you will love it esp if you are someone who enjoys thrills or extreme sports kinda stuff. I enjoyed it but I'm more of an old soul so once is enough for me haha..)
Well, today's post is basically summer heat beating outfit! I decided to go with shorts today! Shorts are best piece for the summer; I’m not such fan of shorts to be honest but lets be real! who wants to wear jean pants in them scorching heat! I decided to pair my accidental shorts. YEA! you read it right! ACCIDENTAL!! ‘cuz I accidentally ordered this short with my actual ordered top! -confusing eh? haha.. I know!- I ordered a top online and what I didn’t realise was that it came with a shorts as well (practically I paid extras.. duh!) either way I guess it turned out to be useful this yea… (smile). So here I’m pairing my accidental shorts(lolz) with my long awaited wrap up top! though its just a replica, I’m so in love with the design. So finally paired them up with my another recent favourite pinkish nude block heel from charleskeith..(details of these outfits are given below..)
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What I'm wearing:

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