Saturday, August 19, 2017

Never so wrong for Black Dress

Hi guys, today I decided to blog something little different and feminine. I love how black dresses makes a woman look so elegant and sophisticated. I have been blogging for almost six years and I have always wanted to reach an age where I can totally flaunt a dress and feel that lady in me. Finally I no longer look or feel like that teen age girl haha..Its funny but I have always wanted to grow up fast rather than being stuck clueless (I know theres different perspective with different people, I guess I just happen to be one out of millions to love growing up and getting to know myself better). So coming back to my outfit here, I paired this black lacy dress with my new favourite Jane heel from charleskeith (I have been eyeing on this shoe for a long time, it was out-of-stock (horror news!) when I first tried ordering it online, so I pretty much waited for a week or two to have it restocked. Thanks to my better half who helped me get it sooner than I expected. I hope you guys enjoyed this not so little girl anymore’s outfit ensemble! haha…
thanks for dropping by…do come back for more..esp for my upcoming DIYs.
What I'm wearing:
Always look at the size of their inner heart! I find happiness in someone's heart and mind and soul... cheers!

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