Saturday, September 23, 2017

DIY and styling mom jeans

Hi there pretty ladies, how was your Blessed Rainy Day (Thrue bab)? all cleansed ? haha..I love our little Bhutanese believes (following them and doing it makes the entire thing even more special and closer to Buddhism); saying that I wouldn’t call myself a very religious person..lets just say I’m kinda in between..I believe in doing good and I have faith. Like I always say (just my thoughts) if you have not harmed a soul so far then you have pretty much gained that ultimate contentment in your whole existence which is sadly pretty hard to achieve. 
Anyways coming back to the main post here, wearing something fresh besides the weather being pretty much confusing lately (it's said that after Thrue bab the weather starts getting colder, so rushing out my summer top before the chill steps in hehe...) Here I'm wearing my pineapple printed off the shoulder top with my DIYed mom-jean (it was my brother's rejected jean, and I decided to make it to mom jeans style).
I just love the fact that colors plays off pretty well in this whole outfit ensemble, in fact it flatters my skin tone (that's a plus point..haha it has been a habit of mine that whenever I shop I always try to pick clothing colors that can give the most flattering look to my skin tone...and it has always worked out for me ^_^). And lastly for me I can totally say it's one easy-ready to go- outfit! what do you girls think? Hope you guys enjoyed how I styled my DIYed mom jeans. Keep looking forward for more, I have many favorites to blog and I can't wait to share it with you ladies. Till then takecare and stay stylish!

 What I'm wearing:
Jean:*Levis (DIYed)
Belt:*Bribri aliexpress
Mule Heel:*Charleskeith
Somethings are meant to be, you just need to accept and face it.

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