Sunday, September 10, 2017

DIY two-piece outfit

 Hi guys, finally managed to blog on something very cute that I've been trying to finish up sewing. AND which I'm finally done and nothing feels better than achieving the exact result! YAY! One thing about DIYing my own clothes is I get exactly what I want at the half price off the retail piece from stores. I wanted to make something that pretty much works with my body type and something that relates to my personal taste.  I know I've always used our traditional textile pieces to make up something different, but this time I wanted to go with cotton on cotton to achieve the better product! The type of materials one uses really plays up with the kinda dress one would make and making something from kira pieces would require me to work harder with the adjustments on fits (you feel me?  haha). Either way I have more DIYed outfits coming next so if you wana check out more then do like and comment and follow me on all my given links above.  
OK coming to few details on this two-piece! I made the top into a wrapped up knot style with bell sleeves (I gave the sleeves some river ruffle kinda flow) and made the pant ankle high to suit my height (longer would totally eat up my height and I really needed to avoid that part haha..). This roughly took me few hours and I had few challenges with my measurements but I managed to get everything right (simlessss...). Well FINALLY A NEW SPOT FOR MY BLOG! (I know I have always been pretty laid back with my backdrops.. but I shall try getting interesting with that as well from now onwards..) the shoot was taken at Dochula pass; me and my girl friend had a small picnic day out and a long drive around (totally felt like a much needed day out... I realised I have been homebody for way too long and it's not healthy for me..definitely making more memories...cheers to that!); And this time I don't have my sister around to take pictures of me, but I have been quite lucky having pretty talented siblings around and some awesome friends to help out..and for this particular post I somehow managed to convince my girl friend to take some test shoots (a big thank you to her for the pictures).
So to end this I'm pretty happy with how this small outfit turned out, I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit ensemble I did, do let me know how you find this two piece.
Always be happy and Cheers beauties!

Been loving this ruffle heel from charleskeith, they got pretty nice collections. Totally into collecting their collections. 

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Two-piece outfit:*SELF (DIY)
Learning to LIVE again...our perspective differs from each-other but what matters is to keep it positive! cheers!...


  1. I have been following you since last year and I really like your DIY stuffs. Keep posting. Also, you are so pretty. 😊


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