Friday, September 1, 2017

Floral before the sun goes down

Hello beautiful people again, finally I'm lazying around in my room and I feel like nothing could get any better lol! Gosh more than anything else I know that I have always been one homebody, I could never be more content to be home and do my DIYs rather than you name it! lolz I can literally just sit in my room and work on those mini projects for hours and hours like seriously! And nothing gets any better for me from there... hehe..(There will be more DIYs coming soon...can't wait to share with y'all soon... yay!)
Ok! now we have got this brief life-lazy update off the way! I'm excited to share you today's outfit look i.e on this floral dress that I've recently been keeping on my easy-to/go-to wear outfits list. I just love how fresh this feels and girl! this dress totally screams 'tea party'! Well, rather than flirty floral I went with vintage dressy kinda style, I just love how easy floral dresses are to carry and it can be groundbreaking if you know how to style it.  So let me narrate how I came across this dress (ofcuz I was desperately trying to track down THAT ONE SUMMER FLORAL DRESS...!), I actually got this from one mini beach summer dress shop right across the famous Platinum fashion mall in Bkk, well I just felt like the dress was screaming my name all the way haha (I know sounds crazy), I believe this is just another local designer dress and the quality is pretty fine; it doesn't feel any bad either. So I'm like why not!?  AND plus I got a creamy off-white floral dress as well, I wanted to updated on it before summer ends but I'm pretty tight on my schedules lately (so lets just hope I can.. it's challenging managing time esp when I'm at work..nevertheless I shall post see no season eh?? haha) well, for now this is all I got for my today's outfit post!  Hope you guys enjoyed this outfit ensemble and thanks for dropping by.. Cheers!
And oh! my loafer here! Told you I will be rocking it this summer.... for longer time it seems haha... 

What I'm Wearing:
Dress:* local store bkk
Just learn to let things go and you will find peace eventually.

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