Saturday, September 30, 2017

my basic autumn staples

 Hi ladies again, since it's autumn already I decided to start getting those pullovers to the fashion game. Pullover dresses are pretty fun to wear, they can totally make me feel cute and very comfy. So here I have paired it up with one of my favorite fall staple i.e BOOTS! well, I have been into this off-white boots for few months now and I just couldn't get enough of it that I decided to buy some more of similar designs but different colors (will be posting them in my autumn-winter collections soon...excited!).
OK! This whole outfit ensemble is all about very easy way out of autumn weather confusion and simply looking stylish but not too pretty nor too punky. This slouchy pullover dress is very easy and relaxed to style, rather than opting for longer boots I decided to go with ankle high boots to make sure I divide my height well or else I'll end up looking stumpy haha (you can totally see this pullover is pretty long and it covers up my knee...and no one likes looking like they've been cut off mid-calf or something you know...haha). And since it's not that cold -chilly COLD- I wouldn't wear thigh high boots yet (lets save it for later eh? haha). Well, I guess this is it for today. Have a great day and always be happy and stylish! xoxo
What I'm wearing:
Pullover:*Basic bkk

Be humble...

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