Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fall lookbook (Day and Night)

Hi guys, I thought I should update my blog on those looks I did on my youtube channel. If you still haven't checked them (click here to watch)  I have always wanted to keep my youtube channel active but due to my nature of job I have always been super occupied and secondly I was just lazy (honest!) But now I'm trying to get those lazy a** up to work and I shall make more videos and be active on YT. And honestly, I personally think it's more vivid in the videos than in pictures to see the outfits (what do you guys think?). 

Do show me your support on my Youtube channel by subscribing to my channel here -->(@chyunid) for there will be more videos coming up on my channel (I'm new but I'm not bad lolz).  I'm thinking I should post on weekly basis and hopefully I can keep up with that. I really want to start making my DIY projects videos and it excites me so much! I can't wait to show you guys ( do hit me up if you want to see any DIYs of mine..'cuz like always I will be doing Bhutanese textile fusion...). And do drop by your suggestions if you have any to improve my channel and the content of my videos...I'll try my best to bring out the best of me. Thank you for supporting me till date on this blog and I hope you guys will support me on my YT channel as well.
Lots of love and have a great day ahead.
Cheers! xoxo

What I'm wearing:
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