Wednesday, November 8, 2017

my vibrant WINTER

Hi guys, thought I should make a post here before I make a new post on my youtube channel (I have been trying to make some fun videos for past few days, I haven't had enough time to execute them fully well since I work 5 days a week... but it should be done pretty soon.. thank you all for the support so far.. if you guys have any suggestion do drop them on the comment below.)  

Today I decided to post something eye-catchy and fresh color for this winter since it's just the beginning of the chills. Here, I didn't quite find it necessary to wear any jackets/coats for the afternoon (it's quite warm and sunny during afternoons here in Paro).  I personally find this look giving a feel of vintage vibe but not fully...haha.. well, anyhow here I've paired a very vibrant color lacy top with my culottes pants giving that waist a nice pinch with my recent favorite GG belt (I always committed myself to divide my figure into elongating my legs by wearing a high-waisted.) Finally finishing my look with a nice sleek cream white color boots!  Yay!
I hope you guy like this ensemble I did and do subscribe to my new channel on youtube. My outfit details are given below as usual.
Cheers! and have a great week ahead ladies.
Links to my last fall lookbook is HERE
 What I'm wearing:
Top: Thailand
Culottes pants: Sister's gift-Singapore
Boots: Aliexpress
Belt: Gucci

Always look forward and remember life is what you make out of it! Cheers!

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