Wednesday, January 3, 2018

First post of 2k18

Hi guys, Happy New Year to one and all.. Hope you guys have the best of the best year!!!!! Today I decided to post something I wore yesterday, I was making some lookbook for my youtube I thought I should take some pictures for my static blog as well haha...turns out I have JUST very few pictures taken and I tried my best to screen down the good ones ( some were very shaky tbh...sigh..); well I hope I did some justice to the look of the day here despite the weather being very windy and cold! So without anything further complaints haha... this look is all earthy colors and I didn't quite feel like having anything too loud this time (but certainly not giving up colors thou haha...).  The cold didn't stop me from wearing skirts, you see as long as you got those thigh high socks or thicker stockings or EM BOOTS! I got no complaints!!  (do you!? haha)
Well, here I've paired up my skirt with a wrap up black sweater (loving the sweater) and to add further a brown thin jacket so that I can layer up my teddybear coat from outside (so basically I can just take off my coat anytime and still rock the look ). And finished the look by wearing my sock boots! Hope you guys enjoyed this look of the day!
I shall bring warmer looks on the blog soon (I know Bhutan has been getting colder now and sometimes just a jacket doesn't seem to work...we need more layers hahaha... shall be posting up on that as well... stay tuned stylish people!)
Have a great week and HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN! Be a good human being and stay stylish ^_^

 What I'm wearing:
Teddy bear coat: *Uniqlo
Sweater: *Bkk local store
Skirt: *Bkk local store
Sock boots: *Aliexpress

Happy New year!! 2018