Saturday, March 24, 2018

Just layering style

Hi guys, this post was supposed to be posted a few days earlier but I'm late again haha... I wasn't feeling that well while taking these pictures ( I think the pictures came out pretty ok despite my condition... but then again honestly in most pictures, I looked dreadful and tired so I had to literally scan out the sad ones and post the presentable ones for you all... hahaha...). Anyhow, here I'm wearing my very own personal choice like always, I love layerings and here its pretty much about trying out something different again. I had this high-low outer for a long time...finally wearing it! I paired it up with my culottes pant and Zara boots ( my new purchase ) plus there's a switch to my footwear in few pictures if you notice them i.e I'm wearing my flat slipper in few pics (our basic floors ain't that smooth here eh...hehe...). Nothing too fancy here but I'm pretty certain that most would be comfortable with this outfit ensemble esp here in Bhutan.
Well, I hope you guys enjoy this outfit of the day.
Have a great day. Cheers!
 What I'm wearing:

Be patient to handle any tough situations... takecare! cheers!

Friday, March 16, 2018

layering the two kinds

Hi guys, I've been more into comfortable wears. I love culottes pants (very comfortable ) and paired it up with some basic tee and some top layerings (which I really love doing so..).  Well, this outfit is so me! I love a mixture of tight or fitted and loose fittings on me... I have always been a fan of something that can bring a different look to the whole outfit.  For some reason, I just felt like layering two coats here and especially a mixture of two completely different textured material ( it kinda brings up a different style here... I think for some it might just not be their choice but Oh well! I like it! haha...).  And coming to my outerwear here ( it's plaids and denim paired ), plaids or tartans was so in last season and it's still in, like seriously it's been sticking around in the fashion world for more than a season now! this spring the plaids are here to stay considering the SS18 runway looks from all those amazing designers.  
Well, I'm just excited for this spring summer (who isn't? right!?) I wanted to do my DIY post this week but I haven't been able to complete my work yet. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish them up soon (  the wait it too long for seriously!!! I hate having to procrastinate my work like that..but you should know I wasn't feeling that well for past few days. so that 'd be one excuse you see...haha).
Oh well, thank you for dropping by and checking out my blog. Outfitsdetailss are given below as always...
Hope you guys like my taste here.
Have a great day!

What I'm wearing:
Denim Jacket: *Simplee
Plaid Jacket: *Thai
Shirt: *a gift
Culottes: *Bkk
Boots: *Aliexpress

Monday, March 12, 2018

styling oversized pullover

Hi there beautiful people, A NEW POST AGAIN!! before the snow melts around the mountains...I managed to get some shots around it. I love how pretty the pictures really come out in the snow, I noticed that snow totally lightens up the pictures thus eliminating the use of any artificial lights ( if you are thinking of taking good pictures and don't have any equipment for a professional kind of should totally try when it snows haha... wink).
 So anyhow, coming back to my outfit of the day!!! I know I know...I have been pretty much hooked on this teddy bear coat (commonly known) or the faux fur coat from Zara, I can't get enough of it. Hopefully, this post will be the last one with it on ( though I highly doubt with the attachment I've for it haha...), and besides, I just wanted to blog on something very easy and ready to wear daily. Here I'm wearing a very extra large oversized pullover and paired it up with my skinny jeans and thigh high boots. I wanted to wear just the boots and maybe a sheer stocking but the weather was just too cold to not have my jeans on haha...I hope you guys liked this outfit ensemble. Oh before I forget I have my DIYed outfits coming up as well, I'm just left with few last minutes touches so if you are interested then do follow up on my IG account for its updates and it will be up on blog soonish! (can't wait!)
Thanks for dropping by and all my outfit details are given below as usual.
Have a great day!
What I'm wearing:
Pullover: *Simple
Boots: *Forever21
Jeans: *HnM
Coat: *Zara
Things will never be the same, so just remember whatever you're going through right now shall pass..and in next few will laugh about something so stupid! Cheers!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Style with comfort

 Hi guys, today it's all about my daily casual easy to go out outfit! I love just throwing some shirts and pants on and rock the day! ( all about comfy ). Here I have two of my top favorites, they are biker's jacket from Zara ( like seriously who doesn't love to invest in a nice biker jacket!)  and textured crisscross boots from CharlesandKeith. One thing about this biker jacket apart from the obvious fashion statement in itself is for me it totally makes casual layering very simple and easy; like I can totally layers some skirts or pants and have it over and look all effortless! (I have always been a fan of layering my outfits and honestly half of my closet is pretty much with oversized jackets and shirts and etc etc..). So basically one of my go-to winter jackets have been this one ever since I got it! Well, keeping the outfit basic here I've paired a basic high waisted jean with an irregular frilled top (rather than going with just plain basic Tee I decided to make it a little interesting.). Hope you guys enjoyed this outfit ensemble.
Thanks for dropping by and scroll down the pictures to see the outfit details.
Have a great day and slay your own style! xoxo!
 What I'm wearing:
Top: *Thailand
Jeans: *HnM
Boots: *CharlesandKeith (Singapore)
Biker's Jacket: *Zara
Never doubt yourself just 'cuz someone said so! always believe in yourself. Cheers!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

plaids or layers or faux fur favorites

 Hi beautiful people, finally managed to blog again!! I took a very long break since I had so many stuff to deal with at work and at home. I have been meaning to blog sooner but things got just too messy to even get a proper shoot done. Either way, I'm finally here and BLOGGING! yay! haha...  So coming to this outfit of the day... I've been loving this faux fur coat this entire winter and couldn't help but blog on this. It's no doubt that this coat has been on trend for Winter 2017 and it's pretty going strong till this cold ends! (excited!) I got this coat from Zara (even though I could have gotten a copy from China at a fraction of the price but I wanted a quality to invest in...besides who doesn't want a proper coat to keep warm!). Well, today's outfit pretty much is a combo of my favorite picks; I have been loving more of long dresses over jeans ( I feel more comfortable in them... ) moreover it got plaids on (if you're a fashion trend follower you probably know that plaids have been storming into fashion world like crazy lately) and paired it up with my recent favorite ankle boots (I never really owned a red boot and it's funny why I never got one before...haha). Hope you guys enjoyed this outfit ensemble I wore. My outfit details are given below as usual.
≈Keep warm and take care and slay your own styles!
What I'm wearing:
Layered Dress: *Thailand
Red Top: *Thailand
Boots: *Zara
Coat: *Zara 

Life is all about giving yourself a second chance, don't ever give up just because you tried once and it failed you...Always believe in yourself! Cheers!