Saturday, March 24, 2018

Just layering style

Hi guys, this post was supposed to be posted a few days earlier but I'm late again haha... I wasn't feeling that well while taking these pictures ( I think the pictures came out pretty ok despite my condition... but then again honestly in most pictures, I looked dreadful and tired so I had to literally scan out the sad ones and post the presentable ones for you all... hahaha...). Anyhow, here I'm wearing my very own personal choice like always, I love layerings and here its pretty much about trying out something different again. I had this high-low outer for a long time...finally wearing it! I paired it up with my culottes pant and Zara boots ( my new purchase ) plus there's a switch to my footwear in few pictures if you notice them i.e I'm wearing my flat slipper in few pics (our basic floors ain't that smooth here eh...hehe...). Nothing too fancy here but I'm pretty certain that most would be comfortable with this outfit ensemble esp here in Bhutan.
Well, I hope you guys enjoy this outfit of the day.
Have a great day. Cheers!
 What I'm wearing:

Be patient to handle any tough situations... takecare! cheers!

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  1. I'm sorry to read that you are still not feeling well - I hope you feel completely better very quickly!
    I love the looks of each of the outfit pieces you layered in your OOTD and how hey complement each other. The rust colour of the culottes complements the vertical blue and white stripes of the asymmetric shirt-dress beautifully. I love the super-fine pleated fabric of the culottes and the cat-graphic on the shirt. It's a very attractive outfit and looks fabulous being worn by you.


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