Friday, March 16, 2018

layering the two kinds

Hi guys, I've been more into comfortable wears. I love culottes pants (very comfortable ) and paired it up with some basic tee and some top layerings (which I really love doing so..).  Well, this outfit is so me! I love a mixture of tight or fitted and loose fittings on me... I have always been a fan of something that can bring a different look to the whole outfit.  For some reason, I just felt like layering two coats here and especially a mixture of two completely different textured material ( it kinda brings up a different style here... I think for some it might just not be their choice but Oh well! I like it! haha...).  And coming to my outerwear here ( it's plaids and denim paired ), plaids or tartans was so in last season and it's still in, like seriously it's been sticking around in the fashion world for more than a season now! this spring the plaids are here to stay considering the SS18 runway looks from all those amazing designers.  
Well, I'm just excited for this spring summer (who isn't? right!?) I wanted to do my DIY post this week but I haven't been able to complete my work yet. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish them up soon (  the wait it too long for seriously!!! I hate having to procrastinate my work like that..but you should know I wasn't feeling that well for past few days. so that 'd be one excuse you see...haha).
Oh well, thank you for dropping by and checking out my blog. Outfitsdetailss are given below as always...
Hope you guys like my taste here.
Have a great day!

What I'm wearing:
Denim Jacket: *Simplee
Plaid Jacket: *Thai
Shirt: *a gift
Culottes: *Bkk
Boots: *Aliexpress

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  1. The spring outfit you styled looks pretty and stylish in addition to looking extremely comfortable. The combination of print patterns and colours looks very attractive. Your hair looks beautiful. I love your outfit photos!


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