Monday, March 12, 2018

styling oversized pullover

Hi there beautiful people, A NEW POST AGAIN!! before the snow melts around the mountains...I managed to get some shots around it. I love how pretty the pictures really come out in the snow, I noticed that snow totally lightens up the pictures thus eliminating the use of any artificial lights ( if you are thinking of taking good pictures and don't have any equipment for a professional kind of should totally try when it snows haha... wink).
 So anyhow, coming back to my outfit of the day!!! I know I know...I have been pretty much hooked on this teddy bear coat (commonly known) or the faux fur coat from Zara, I can't get enough of it. Hopefully, this post will be the last one with it on ( though I highly doubt with the attachment I've for it haha...), and besides, I just wanted to blog on something very easy and ready to wear daily. Here I'm wearing a very extra large oversized pullover and paired it up with my skinny jeans and thigh high boots. I wanted to wear just the boots and maybe a sheer stocking but the weather was just too cold to not have my jeans on haha...I hope you guys liked this outfit ensemble. Oh before I forget I have my DIYed outfits coming up as well, I'm just left with few last minutes touches so if you are interested then do follow up on my IG account for its updates and it will be up on blog soonish! (can't wait!)
Thanks for dropping by and all my outfit details are given below as usual.
Have a great day!
What I'm wearing:
Pullover: *Simple
Boots: *Forever21
Jeans: *HnM
Coat: *Zara
Things will never be the same, so just remember whatever you're going through right now shall pass..and in next few will laugh about something so stupid! Cheers!

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  1. That oversized pullover looks fabulous great worn with the black skinny K+M jeans, over-the-knee boots and your teddy bear coat.
    I'm sure that pullover will look fantastic worn as a dress when weather gets warmer. I love your outfit photos!


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