Sunday, April 29, 2018

DIY polkadot asymmetry ruffle top

Hi there everyone, it's been a long time again... I have been having the busiest time of my life (professional side) last few weeks, I'm finally done with my qualification exams for my final training and I made it! yay!!  I'm pretty positive that things will be going smoothly this year. Besides that, I have been doing some personal improvements on my own and somehow I kinda became very lazy to come back to blogging (so guilty...!!) BUT hey! here I'm! back at it! I can totally be doing stuff around and miss out my blog for those times but trust me! I always come back to what I love and enjoy the most! So keep looking forward to my very unpredictable posts now and then (which I'm pretty sure I have mastered it by now hahaha...).
Well, leaving my procrastination issues aside! Here I've my DIYed post! YAY! Finally, I'm able to post this outfit! I've been planning this post for pretty long time and it totally feels amazing to finally be able to share with you guys. I have always had a thing for ruffled asymmetry tops and polka-dots are so in nowadays. I just needed to make one.  It took me three days to finish this because I had to divide my time between work and home ( at times I would get super tired from work that I'd just sleep and there used to be such times where I'd totally hate the thought of sewing haha... totally gets into my nerves...lolz ).
Oh well, I love polka dots and I have been looking around to get a nice polka-dot dress but I don't really get much from here, especially getting the on-trend stuff is kinda stressful here (I need to head out somewhere and shop lolz...). ANYWAYS, check the pictures below on my DIYed polka-dot top and do let me know what you guys think about my little creation ( I personally love how it turned out). Thank you for dropping by and have a great week ahead.
Stay stylish and humble.
 What I'm wearing:
Top: *DIY 
Pant: *Mom jeans (Levis)
Heels: *Aliexpress
Belt : *Gucci

 The Ruffle goes all the way from the front to middle around back to sleeves... 
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