Wednesday, May 2, 2018

going cream and personal

Hi guys, today I decided to blog about something very simple yet chic. My preferences for fashion have changed over time but playing with color combos has been stuck with me like forever! And plus! I finally managed to get something done with my hair for this post ( I realized I have been very plain with my hair throughout my blog...), just wavy curls on hair and the whole look felt perfect. Well, let me know how you guys find this combo, besides it's nothing too fancy haha...
Today I want to share something very personal...just give it a read or you can choose to skip and scroll through haha...
Ok so...Well, over the past long years of my blogging, I had been one self-conscious girl, conscious about my body image and the way I looked, But as I grew older I realized it's all about my attitude towards myself, what's in my mind and how I prefer to see myself in.  There was a time when my friends/people would totally point out about my uneven teeth and comment on how short I was or how very prominently high and fat and ugly my smile cheekbones looked ( I won't say everyone who commented wanted to shame me or something, I believe some said those with concerns or probably out of pity )...back then I hated seeing myself in the mirror 'cuz I would get reminded of how they shamed me of my imperfections and it was hard to avoid that. I have always felt ugly deep down and now after all these years, I can confidently say I'm so happy with the way I look and I seriously don't care what people think about my imperfections. Once I started to embrace all my perfect imperfections, I realized that's what makes me who I am and without it, I would totally look weird lolz...And appearance is not everything.
 I'm a less word of a person, I'm not a great conversationalist neither a conversation starter. I don't necessarily talk unless it's important or worth saying so and thus through my clothes, I speak more. Blogging has really made me express myself through my gave me a freedom to create my own kind of beauty and it shows beauty sees no age, no short legs,  no ugly cheekbones, no uneven teeth or fat, or black or white etc....etc...  I just want to share that it's okay to have imperfections, the flaws make you unique and you create your own beauty and charm. Embrace them and you will see magic in your life!
Thank you and have a happy week ahead.

What I'm wearing:
Top: *Bebe
Bottom: *Thailand
Boots: *Aliexpress
Earrings: *Thailand
Stop body shaming. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways and sizes. sending you lots and lots of love...Cheers!