Saturday, August 18, 2018

A shade of red

 Hi guys, I have not been that bold to try shades of red before but however this time I feel like I just did justice to myself hahaha... I have been loving button-up dresses and it's so chic. I got this dress from she-in brand and it's just perfect! I just wish that I had gone with XS size (didn't know their sizes run big); if you guys buy from them esp this dress I would suggest going for smaller sizes. Here I'm wearing a size S and it's kinda slagging around my waistlines so I had to clip it for this shoot ( I just didn't have enough time to get it resized...its just a matter of few cms though ^_^ ). Well, besides that I'm carrying the boho twine bag I made a few weeks ago ( if you guys are following me on my IG you'd probably know that I posted on DIYing this bag and the final finished product! I could have bought it but I wanted to try making one it seemed really fun ).
Anyhow, summer is almost down to its bottom and I'm glad I was able to post this outfit before autumn. Hope you guys enjoyed this outfit of the day!
Have a great weekend and have fun!
Stay stylish and rock your own personal style!
 What I'm wearing:

There is a shade of red for every woman -Audrey


  1. That bright red button-up dress is very pretty. I like the puffy short sleeves.
    Your long hair looks gorgeous - you look beautiful in that Shein dress.
    I also really like the D.I.Y. boho twine bag you made and accessorised your outfit with.


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