Sunday, October 27, 2019

The autumn walk

Hi there!!
I had a long work week, thus given a break I took a short drive and stopped by a very pleasant place which is right next to Zhiwaling resort. I thought I should blog on what I wore then...It's getting cold and the light warm summer breeze are gone. So I was like...this is pretty much the right kinda weather for me to blog on my autumn personal style. OK! so here, I collectively came up with this whole outfit ensemble for the day and I guess this is just the right shades for the autumn/near winter.
Come to think of... there isn't anything very new about my whole outfits here, the only few new collections are my handbag and head accessories ( beret/ headband). Headband are so in trend now, I just love how it's so fancy and lightens up the whole look. I always thought its hard to pull it off but seeing all those amazing fashionistas flaunting it so well.. I thought I should give it a go and I guess I can say that I did fairly a good job hahaha.... Anyhow, the whole purpose of the outfit was to hit the right warmth and not be too cozy as it's not winter yet! I think the light trench coat was the right pick for this kept me warm but it was breathable so I wasn't sweating out either. You know there are times where we tend to wear way too thick of a coat and the weather isn't as cold as we anticipated and then we end up removing it entirely but then AGAIN! we feel that sudden chill hitting right through the have been there right? Oh well, I guess I can say I found the right trench to beat such situations.
Scroll through to see the whole outfit ensemble and outfit details are given below as usual.
Have a stylish day!

What I wore:*
Beret:* Bkk
Headband:*Local store
Bag:* Charles and Keith

Don't let yesterday use up too much of today! CHEERS!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Fall it is

Hi one and all, it's been one long good break from the blog! I seriously needed to give more time to my work life; things were turning out to be very thick at my side. I just needed to focus one thing at a time. But finally I'm glad I made it this far and seeing people still being hopeful of my blog just made my coming back to blog so much easier and exciting. I love all the little supports I get and I'm whole heartily thankful to each. In these past few months the only platform I have been constantly updating is IG. Yep! I'm not gonna lie...I have been really lazy keeping up with this very fast paced technology...I don't really mind sticking to few of them though. And one more thing I disgracefully failed trying to keep up with my You-tube channel...haha... coming from someone who works from morning dawn till dark...I knew I was getting it to no promises...but I had that little tiny faith that I could get things done one way or another.  Oh well, I can't promise anything as of now.. but I will definitely be trying to get back to it, till then I would be posting on my static blog here..which pretty much has been my only platform that's more convenient since 2010. I guess you can call this as my happy place where I can really express my personal styles and fashion likes. I hope you enjoy this fall pick I chose..little bit of mix of new and old collections here. I guess the choices varies as an individuals but one thing I can say that the thought of fall/autumn made me think about these two tones. Well, white works pretty well with brown right?
Check out the outfit ensemble below.. Cheers!!!

Excuse my bad color edits... I just wanted my outfit to stand out.. the background kinda felt too loud.

What I'm wearing:*
Half Fur Jacket:*Thailand
Heels:*Charles and keith

If you want it! GO! get it!